• Communicate more peacefully and negotiate more effectively. 
  • Approach difficult conversations AND decision-making with confidence. 
  • Solve problems rather than bullying, ignoring, or experiencing a push-pull among team or family members. 
  • Stop arguments and conflicts and gossip with others. 
  • Shift the passive-aggressive or co-dependent ways of relating. 
  • Increase emotional intelligence, expand life skills, and manage your reactions during stressful or difficult times.


for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups​​​


What you think, your internal dialogue, your interpretation of the world around you, is the starting place for everything that you feel and choose, AND for every connection that you cultivate with those around you.  Demanding that you take a "positive" viewpoint is not only inauthentic, but it's unrealistic.  Learn the tools to address what is at the heart of the stories, the emotional reactions, the judgments, the cravings, and CHANGE THE STORY in ways that are proven to create a shift in how you feel, what you think, and what you choose to do and say!

We all experience stressful situations, unexpected changes, and times when we think that we don't have what we WANT:  power, authority, effectiveness, competency, connection, or passion.  Communication coaching can help us to learn winning methodologies, manage our emotional reactions, and engage assertively during challenging moments.

Change The Story...with Coach Denise Carlin, M.S.

Employees, teams, partners, parents, children, and families can explore what is needed, what is possible, and what to do to move forward.  Create more connection, success, and satisfaction when you collaborate with, learn from, and are supported by a professional:  Coach Denise Carlin, M.S.

Communication Coaching   OR   Motivation/Change Coaching

​"I really appreciate Denise's depth of listening and insights.....In Changing the Story, it has had a profound impact on how I move through the world..... It's so nice to finally have the energy to be excited about my business again!"

     -- E. S., coaching client, 5 sessions via Skype

​"My husband really enjoyed the session last week with (our daughter), and we love the homework....  Now my husband and I are fighting over who gets to come to the sessions!  Your work is terrific."

​     -- C.B., family coaching clients, 5 sessions

  • Discover the true mission or desire that fuels your efforts
  • Learn what to do and say during resistance to change
  • Gain understanding of your motivation and how to increase it
  • Approach decision-making and action steps with confidence.
  • Manage change and manage your attitude about change
  • Increase satisfaction, effectiveness, and success 


***60-minute sessions are $150.00 for individual, couple, or family.  Five 60-minute sessions, bundle rate, is $125.00/hr.

***Group price starts at $160.00/hr. for up to 8 participants, and $20.00/person for 8 to 20 people.

(Sessions are via SKYPE, phone, or in-person.  Location fees may apply.)


Going through a big life change?  Or are you ready to create a change that would go more smoothly and effectively with the help of a professional coach?  Or are you tired of the push/pull involved in trying to create a desired change?  Coach Denise Carlin, M.S. can help you to Change The Story!

When you learn and collaborate with Coach Denise, you are bringing on board a professional who can share effective change models and techniques.  Her strengths can help you or your team to focus on your mission, think creatively, make decisions, and take action.  Her perspective will also shed light on the missing elements in your past attempts at change, so that you can move forward with more confidence and ease, in the future.​