Change The Story...with Coach Denise Carlin, M.S.


"Change The Story" is Denise's unique program that includes evidence-based tools and action steps for communicating clearly, living in the moment, and designing healthy patterns.  When facilitating groups at corporations, churches, UCLA programs, Whole Foods Market, L.A. Unified School District, Central Parking Systems, Girl Scouts of America, and other organizations, Denise helps adults and children to address their needs and learn life skills such as assertive communication, mindfulness, mediation and negotiation, cognitive reframing, and improvisation.  Her action-oriented exercises help people of all ages to be more creative and to change by doing, feeling, and having fun.

Denise enjoys some of her favorite activities every week:  hiking, singing, playing games, dining with friends, and dancing in the living room.  

As a songwriter/recording artist of the CD of original songs for young children, “Icy Cold Lemonade”, Denise shares her love of music and creativity with families.  Currently, she collaborates, writing songs with performing pop artists.

She grew up in IA, and has since lived in TX, CA, and MN.

The CHANGE THE STORY mission is to provide PROGRAMS and PRODUCTS that

help people to connect within and connect with others.  Change the story from challenges to resolutions, from stress to success, from reacting to responding.  With evidence-based tools and strategies, we can all create ways of operating that help 

us to adapt to change; to manage emotional reactions; and to live more joyfully.

Coach Denise serves individuals, corporate teams, families, and groups of friends.  She

is a dedicated, experienced facilitator who works with participants' strengths and their ability to find solutions that fit the needs of themselves and others.  Denise provides comprehensive coaching  in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, educating clients as she works with them to achieve the most effective solutions possible.

Over 15 years, Coach Denise Carlin, M.S., has helped hundreds of parents,

adults, and children to shift the ways that they think, feel, and act during life

challenges.  She has coached clients in her coaching business and at UCLA facilities,

and has served as a mental health counselor in psych hospitals, half-way house

facilities, rape crisis programs, and Texas Department of Human Services.  

She earned a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from the

APA-accredited Educational Psychology Department of Texas A&M University.